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Creative 32x CD-Rom Drive
Sistema Operativo
Windows 95-98-98Se
Nombre del archivo
Please read through this entire file before using this driver update.

USAGE: This driver uses an EXPANDED set of parameters from the previous
versions of SBIDE.SYS; the old parameters may NOT work correctly with this

device=SBIDE.SYS [/n] [/v] [/0|/1|/a] /d: /p:,[,] [/l:]

/n -- no plug & play (optional)

/v -- verbose (optional)

/0 -- all in pio mode

/1 -- only read commands in dma mode(partial dma mode)

/a -- all commands in full dma mode (requires emm386.exe)

/d: -- specifies the device name (/d: must match the /d:
parameter of the MSCDEX.EXE line in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file)

/p:xxx,yy[,zzz] -- xxx port address, yy irq number, zzz secondary port number

/l: -- multi-language support (optional - defaults to English)

[M] option
1 for Dutch
2 for French
3 for German
4 for Italian
5 for Spanish
6 for Brazilian-Portuguese
7 for DosV
0 for English (default)
The specified port will be in DMA mode only if the DMA mode switches are
used before the port switches. Otherwise, it will be in PIO mode.

About DMA mode:
EMM386.EXE MUST be loaded to allow DMA mode to work. If not loaded, the
driver may crash.


"Drive identity function failed" in CGA magenta/pink text - commonly caused
by an incorrect IRQ address with the /P: switch. Verify that the
parameters for this switch are correctly set.

"ICM BYPASSED" (in CGA magenta/pink text) FOLLOWED BY
"No drives found, aborting installation" - may indicate the driver is
attempting to use DMA mode (/1 or /A) when the controller does not support
this mode.

"No drives found, aborting installation" (and no other errors) - the driver
line may be missing /P: or /D: switches.

MSCDEX.EXE or SBIDE.SYS hangs - this can be caused by not having EMM386.EXE
loaded while using the /A switch on SBIDE.SYS.


NOTE ON COMPATIBILITY: This driver may not work correctly with Panasonic
574 and 581J drives. Customers with these drives should use SBIDE.SYS v1.23
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