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How to install your Mouse software for Dos
a) Insert your mouse driver diskette into drive A
b) Execute A:\DOSINST or Copy the mouse driver to your hard disk, by typing:
c) Start the mouse driver , by typing:
MOUSE (at your C: prompt)
A:\DOS\MOUSE (assume your mouse driver diskette is in driver A.)
d)Type A:\DOS\TEST<> to start the test program to see if installation

DOS Mouse Drivers-How To Run Them:
The mouse driver software contains the basic operating instructions between
the computer and your mouse. It tracks mouse position, get data from the
mouse buttons, and displays a text cursor or graphics pointer on screen, based
on information from your mousel and your application.
MOUSE.COM is the standard driver. to run it, you must be in the software
directory where you have copied it, or you must include the mouse software
directory in your PATH statement.Then at the prompt type:
MOUSE<> (You can include this in an AUTOEXEC.BAT file.)

Mouse driver Version 8.7
Copyright (c) 1993-1993 . All Rights Reserved.

/1 - Choose the COM1: Port
/2 - Choose the COM2: Port
/3 - Choose the COM3: Port
/4 - Choose the COM4: Port
/Np,i - Use hexadecimal I/O port (p) and Decimal IRQ level (i).
/P - Use PS2-compatible Mouse on Pointing Device Port.
/B - Use Bus Mouse, 2 Buttons
/I - Use Inport Mouse
/D - Double Dynamic Resolution
/T - Triple Dynamic Resolution
/Q - Quadruple Dynamic Resolution
/U - qUintuple Dynamic Resolution
/R0 - Turn off mouse dynamic resolution
/Rn - Set multiple for dynamic resolution (n = 1 - 75).
/R.n - Set divisor for resolution (.n = .1 - .9).
OFF - Unload mouse driver and release memory (also /0).
/? - This help display (also /H).


How to select MS(2)- or PC(3)-button mode:

For trackball mouse:
Find the MS/PC switch on the bottom of the mouse. Using a small sharp
tool to select.Move the switch to "MS/2" to configure your trackball as
Microsoft compatible.Move the switch to "PC/3" to configure your
trackball as PC Mouse System compatible.The trackball will operate in the
new mode without rebooting your computer. However, you shouldrun the
mouse driver program(MOUSE.COM) again.

For general Mouse:
The mouse has a switch in left side that allows it to emulate
Microsoft(MS/2 buttons) or Mouse System Mouse(PC/3 buttons) mode .
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