Mediatek SY-924 DirectSound Descargar Drivers

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Mediatek SY-924 DirectSound
Sistema Operativo
Windows 95
Nombre del archivo
This version has been updated from 4.00.22 to support external EEPROM
and alos support Direct Sound.


If you do not have a previous copy of the drivers installed, and
you are installing this Sound Card plus Driver package for the
first time, you may proceed to the FIRST TIME INSTALLATION section.
However, if you are updating your previous installed drivers, you
MUST follow the UPDATE PREVIOUS DRIVERS section below in order to
succesfully install the new drivers.


[Updating "OPTi Plug-N-Play Sound System" Driver]

1. You should have the latest drivers on a floppy diskette ready
for installation.

2. Start Windows 95 and proceed to the Control Panel folder and
select (double click) the Add New Hardware icon. This will
add/update the OPTi Sound Device and it's associated drivers.

3. When prompted by Windows 95 for the Auto-Scan option for
detecting new devices on your System - select NO and proceed
to the next page.

4. Windows 95 will display a list of known devices that you
currently wish to install. Select "Other Devices" eventhough
the name of the device is included in the list. This forces
Windows 95 to perform a fresh install for your device. Select
Next to proceed.

5. Windows 95 will again display a list containing manufacturer
names and at which point you should ignore the list and select
the "Have Disk..." button. This tells Windows 95 to read
special installation instructions from your diskette to
correctly install the drivers for your OPTi Sound device.
You will have to direct Windows 95 to the proper location of
the floppy diskette.

6. Once information from the floppy diskette has been read by
Windows 95, a list of devices available for installation will
be displayed. This list contains driver setup options pertaining
to your Sound Card's capabilities. For example, if your Sound
Card has an IDE CD-ROM interface which you wish to connect your
IDE CD-ROM to, select the appropriate option to enable this
setup. If your Sound Card does not contain any options other
than Audio functions, then just select the first option.

7. Windows 95 will now proceed to install the drivers needed for
your device and configure your device accordingly. Once your
device has been successfully configured, Windows 95 will prompt
you to restart your system - select Yes for the new drivers to
take effect. YOU MUST REBOOT for the changes to take effect!


Install the Sound Card into your system and reboot your machine;
Windows 95 should detect new PnP resource on your Sound Card and
prompt you for the installation files. At this point, insert the
OPTi 82C924 Windows 95 Driver diskette into your floppy drive and
let Windows 95's Device Manager direct you through the installation
of the drivers.
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