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Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
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Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) DC21X4 NDIS
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Windows 95-NT3.1-NT4
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Release Notes - DC21X4 NDIS 3.x and 4.0 drivers
Version v4.31

This kit includes Release v4.31 of the DC21X4 NDIS 3.x and 4.0 drivers.
Changes from previous release:
- Add support for autosensing the size of the SROM (1Kbit or 4Kbit)
and reading/writing 4Kbit SROM.

- Serialize the Link indication to the wrapper after the driver initialization.

- Set LINK_HYSTERESIS bit (CSR6<25>) for 21143 symbol Phy boards for All
mediums (10 Mbps and 100 Mbps). This will check the Link presence
for a longer period.

- The Driver now supports enabling of Extended PCI commands,
(the commands new as of PCI spec 2.1), for those 2104x/2114x
devices which support the commands.
Enabling the commands may increase PCI or CardBus throughput,
depending on the system implementation.
As a default, the driver will enable the maximum possible number of
the three Extended PCI Commands,
Memory Write Invalidate (MWI);
Memory Read Line (MRL);
Memory Read Multiple (MRM);
after verifying that the system implementation (PCI bridge chipset
and BIOS) supports it.

The devices for which the commands will be enabled:
21140A rev >= 21 ,
21143 rev >= 20.

Due to incompatibility problems with certain PCI host bridges
and PCI-to-PCI bridges, the driver currently does not enable
the Memory Write Invalidate (MWI) and Memory Read Line (MRL) commands
simultaneously. The driver will only enable one of the two commands;
by default, MRL will be enabled.

The driver has 3 new keywords EXT_MWI, EXT_MRM and EXT_MRL.
These keyword enable and disable the operation of the
respective Extended PCI Commands, to allow user override; in no
case will an invalid combination be allowed.

- New OIDs to support DMI requirements.

- Fix the "Initialize Done" delay (V4.20) for the boards containing a BNC
implementation too. Set the Link timeout to 5 seconds.

- Fix the SROM Extended Block Type 3 (Mii PHY Block) Reset sequence field parsing.
The data for every element in the sequence must be in words.

- Change the delay for the reset sequence (at init time) to 5 Miliseconds.

- Fix the CSR13-15 values while working in MII mode; the old values (wrong)
caused a performance drop while working in Autosensing mode.

- Add support for the OID: OID_GEN_MAXIMUM_SEND_PACKETS .
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