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Datamax Titan
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Windows 3.1-NT3.51
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Euro Plus Windows Thermal-Transfer Printer Drivers
(Windows 3.x and Windows NT 3.51)

With NICE Drivers you can
· Use thermal transfer printer as standard Windows printer to print
printer built-in and Windows TrueType fonts, barcodes, graphics...
from all Windows applications (Word, Excel, Paradox, ...)

With NICE Label software you can also:
· Optimally take advantage of your printer
· Access all printer's built-in functions (automatic counter and barcode incrementing...)
· Print as fast as printer allows (use built-in barcodes, remember fixed part of the label...)
· Design and print labels in the most technically advanced and user-friendly environment
Please, check also:

NICE Label Express - Simple and very user-friendly barcode labelling software

NICE Label Pro - The professional barcode labelling software

NICE Label Suite - The complete solution for all barcode labelling needs


1. Start Windows
2. Select Control Panel in Main Group window of Program Manager. Control Panel window opens.
3. Select icon Printers. Printers dialog opens:
4. Push Add Printer button.
5. In dialog shows up listbox with drivers, included in Windows packet and drivers, installed by user. Select first line in listbox "Install Unlisted or Updated Printer".
6. Push Install.. button
7. In dialog that shows up enter path to directory with decompressed files
8. In listbox with printers, supported by driver select your model and close dialog with OK.
9. Now you should be in Control Panel and in listbox with installed printers should be printer you selected.
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